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Virginia Shipwrecks: Including the Southern Chesapeake Bay

This chart contains over 400 shipwrecks along the Virginia coastline. Not only will you see where these famous wrecks are located, but also included on the chart is a collection of 35 stories about how many of these shipwrecks came to be. Read below about the CSS Virginia, just one of the many fascinating ships mentioned on the chart...


The CSS Virginia - "In 1861, a sunken Union warship, USS Merrimack, was raised and converted to an ironclad by the Confederacy. Renamed the CSS Virginia, she carried 7 guns, was covered with thick armor plate, and cruised at barely five knots. On March 8, 1862, Virginia sank the wooden warships USS Cumberland and USS Congress off Newport News. The next day, Virginia fought the union ironclad Monitor to a draw in the naval battle of Hampton Roads. After the evacuation of Norfolk by the Confederacy, Virginia was run aground and burned to prevent her from being captured by Union forces."


Full color 21.5" x 23".

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