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Lobster Trap Framed Original Florida Keys Chart

This beautiful chart of the Florida Keys shows the keys, reefs and water depth contours in exquisite detail and also has two delightful pen and ink drawings that help capture the spirit of the Keys. The locations of the nine remaining lighthouses and a unique inset of the Marquesas Keys to the Dry Tortugas are also included. This chart is the perfect way to remember how great a time you had during your last visit to the Florida Keys!

Small Size Frame:  Print is 12" x 18", Frame is 15" x 21"

Regular Size Frame:  Print is 24" x 36", Frame is 30" x 42"  

The frames are made from real lobster trap wood that was used to harvest lobsters in the Florida Keys. After 5 or so seasons of using these traps, the hardware that holds them together starts to rust, and the lobstermen can no longer use them. The older traps are taken, broken down and the weathered wood is used to make the frames you see below. The original staples, nails, and other fasteners are left in the wood to keep it looking the same as when used as a working trap. The black rope that is sometimes added onto the frames is the actual pull rope that is tied to the bouys you see in the waters thoughout the keys.

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