Shipwreck Charts

Do you enjoy the lore of the sea? Do you want to learn more about the nautical history of the beautiful Atlantic Coast? Collectively, these charts show the locations of thousands of shipwrecks along with interesting nautical history and information about the area. Each shipwreck map also features about thirty or so of the most fascinating shipwreck stories of each area. Pirates, German U-Boats, Life Saving Stations, Terrible Collisions, Storm Tragedies, Luxury Ships, Lighthouses – they’re all here in beautiful color. Also available framed.

Our charts cover the following areas: New Jersey Shipwrecks, Mid-Atlantic Shipwrecks, Virginia Shipwrecks, North Carolina Shipwrecks, Florida Shipwrecks, and Florida Keys Shipwrecks

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“I find Sealake shipwreck charts to be accurate, educational, and fascinating.”

Dr. Joe Schwarzer,
Executive Director of the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras, North Carolina